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About the BEC and the BEC 2nd Chance Thrift Store

Since COVID-19, the goals of the Booneville Entertainment Center has changed in order to continue our efforts to fundraise to pay our regular monthly payments on the old Seale/Booneville Theater.  Our intention is to return to visual and performance arts when we get there but until that time, we will be operating the BEC 2nd Chance Thrift Store to cover our expenses.  We are located at 86 Hwy 11 N, Booneville, KY and our phone number is 593-7777.  We accept donations that are bug, smoke and also items that have a resale value. 

Check out Information about the Subcommittees and Projects of O.C.A.R.E. Inc.

  • The BEC (Booneville Entertainment Center) The BEC 2nd Chance Thrift Store

  • The Booneville (Seale) Theater Project

  • Owsley County Parent Task-force


OCARE and these subcommittees and projects hold quarterly meetings on the 2nd Thursday of January, April, July and August at the Owsley County Action Team starting at 5:30 p.m. 



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