The BEC, the Law and Sustainability

February 7, 2016


Following the rule of law for The Booneville Entertainment Center (the BEC) is very important to us; however it is EQUALLY important to us that we can continue to run and grow in Booneville.  Currently, we are conducting  a sustainability project to determine the interest of a movie and performance theater in our town.  In the meantime, we are showing movies that are pre-released because of the lower cost of licensing.  For an individual or a group to be allowed to legally show a movie to a crowd or the public, you are required by law to purchase a public viewing license.  We currently acquire our license through Swank but we are looking to do the sub-run movies through Criterion.  In the event, and ONLY in the event that our sustainability project has been determined a success, and we are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that we can make a go of a theater in Booneville, we will apply for a license to show new release movies.  This will also mean that we are able to purchase the old theater and prepare it for cleanup and restoration (Please keep reading till the bottom to understand why the old theater purchase makes the soundest decision for purchase as opposed to a new theater).


Groups or individuals are required to purchase an umbrella license to show movies to church groups, school groups, or crowds of anykind; however, if you choose to show the movie as a fundraiser you must pay for the movies individually.  Older movie releases cost 165.00 (1st day and 100.00 for every day after) or 50% of ticket sales to show and sub-run movies (movies that have recently been in theaters but haven't been released on DVD yet) cost 350.00 to run, or 50% of ticket sales.


Note:  About public viewing according to Motion Picture Licensing Corporation:  "any location outside of the home is considered public for copyright purposes and requires a license."


Advertisement allowances for pre-released movies by Swank and Criterion are also pretty stringent.  You are only allowed to promote through social media pages, websites, email, flyers and door hangers.  We are not allowed to do television ads, newspaper ads, or radio spots about the movies.  We can promote our site and our facility through TV, radio and newspaper, but not our movies. 


We have received multiple inquiries about why we don't  go ahead and just build a new movie theater and some of the answers are simple:  We cannot request grants to buy property or build a new movie theater.  Also---in the long run---it would required OCARE to raise more funds locally as opposed to seeking grants and other funding options.  The purchase price of the theater is what we are raising the money for.  We will be able to apply for grants to cleanup and restore the theater (which we feel we have a good shot at).  Another attribute of the theater that many people may not be aware of---the walls are 29" thick and it may also fall under the category of a storm shelter.  That has the potential of opening other grant opportunities up for the county as well as providing a safe place for families to gather in the event of tornadic weather. The old theater is already within public utilities and that eliminates the cost of getting those ran to a new facility.  


There are also nostalgic reasons and a desire to beautify and restore an important building in the town, but as you can see in the previous paragraph---the reasons are financially logical.  Still yet, no matter how much 'we' want to do this project---we are going to need 'you' to make it possible.    



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