Each year, the Owsley County Parent Task-force works to ensure that they are doing all they can to support teacher morale.  

  • At the beginning of the school year, the Task-force  co-hosts the OCHS Back to School "College and Career Starts Here" event.  The purpose of this event is to have parents/guardians, students and teachers coming together at the beginning of the year to make those first positive contacts before school begins.  Students also have the opportunity of getting all of the information that they need to start the year off right, ready and prepared. 

  • The Task-force supports the Back to School efforts at the Owsley County Elementary School by providing parents and guardians with information about advocacy and upcoming programming that supports them---as they support their children.

  • During National Teacher Appreciation week in May, the Task-force collaborates with community partners to publicly express our appreciation for our teachers by letting them know that we notice all the hard work that they do.         

School Safety

The Task-force's school safety and bullying initiative focuses on programming that is designed to help parents, guardians and students to learn the resilience skills to cope with the challenges of bullying. 

There is also a 6th grade mentoring programming for boys that models specific concepts of the Character Counts Program and the Red-Tie Club.  The program is supported by partnerships with the school and community.  Male mentors are recruited to conduct:

  • Character Education

  • Aikido (for self-discipline)

  • Science Projects

  • Arts and Humanities Projects

In the spring of 2018 a new curriculum will be offered to parents, guardians and students that is called, Raise Them Strong.  This program offers information and tools to overcome the effects of bullying and how parents can recognize dangerous warning signs.  The video presentations will be held at the Booneville Entertainment Center several times during the spring for families and students. 

A.R.O.C. (Adults Raising Other's Children)

A.R.O.C. holds a monthly workshop entitled, "Coffee and Conversation."  Workshops offer the educational, information and basic resource support for anyone raising a child that is not their own.  Each month, the group discusses materials and information that is designed to help them become stronger advocates for their students.  Additionally, caregivers find support for others who are having similar experiences.  In the process, they can also learn how important self-care is for themselves and how they should always take time for self.    


During the school year, the Task-force collaborates with teachers and administrators to conduct programming such as;
  • Monday Math Madness
  • M-athlon Math Nights
  • Pi Night. 
  • M-atholon Math Nights and Monday Math Madness events allow elementary level students and their families to enjoy math in a fun and exciting way.  The events typically have multiple carnival style, or physical challenge games.  Individuals are presented with math problems that target their own grade level.  Students can win prizes as they successfully complete each challenge.  Parents and guardians are invited to participate and support their child's learning as they work through a multitude of activities designed for fun and learning.
  • Pi Night is typically held on March 14 (National Pi Day) at Owsley County High School.  Students and families participate in fun activities like Pi Skyline Art, Finding the Circumference, Most Digits of Pi Challenge and so much more!


Throughout the year the Task-force collaborates with school and community members to offer and assist in multiple opportunities to support families and students. 
Below are some examples of programming conducted or supported by the efforts of the Owsley County Task-force:
  • College 411 (College and career readiness)
  • College 101 and College Application Week (Planning for college)
  • Financial Literacy Workshops
  • Operation Preparation Week at OCHS
  • School Supply List Compilation and Distribution for OCES and OCHS
  • Individual Learning Plan Workshops for Parent and Guardians
  • Weekend Warrior Backpack Program
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